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Served Jurisdictions

What does 'the jurisdictions served by LOU' mean?

The regulatory requirements of the Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) establish that the Local Operating Unit (LOU) accredited by GLEIF is authorized to provide services on LEI codes only in those jurisdictions that are approved by the GLEIF for the giving LOU. GLEIF approves the jurisdictions after the LOU successful completion of the GLEIF accreditation program for the associated jurisdictions.

The Local Operating Unit may, from time to time, change its list of jurisdictions, i.e. add new or remove previously served jurisdictions. The list of served LOU jurisdictions is changed in accordance with the standard procedure set by GLEIF.

Information on served jurisdictions by LOUs is published on the GLEIF website and is updated once a month based on the results of the accumulation of changes across all LOUs.

Jurisdictions served by NSD

NSD, acting in its capacity of the LOU, provides services for LEI codes in jurisdictions approved by GLEIF. The current list of jurisdictions serviced by NSD is provided in the NSD jurisdiction portfolio.

If a client, who is interested in the LEI services of the NSD, did not find necessary jurisdiction in the list, it would be necessary to send a message requesting a new jurisdiction to the address: . NSD will research the working conditions in the requested countries and, in case of a positive decision, conduct the activities established by the GLEIF procedure to add it to the NSD’s portfolio of jurisdictions. The new jurisdiction will appear in the NSD jurisdiction portfolio immediately after receiving the GLEIF approval.

Information on the serviced NSD jurisdictions is also available on the GLEIF website. Please note that updates of the jurisdiction portfolio on the GLEIF website may occur with some delay because GLEIF renews the information on its website once a month reflecting the changes in all LOUs at once.

NSD jurisdiction portfolio

Updated on February 11, 2020.

Jurisdiction ISO code
Armenia AM
Azerbaijan AZ
Bahamas BS
Belarus BY
Belize BZ
Cayman Islands KY
Cyprus CY
Estonia EE
Georgia GE
Germany DE
Hong Kong HK
Jersey JE
Kazakhstan KZ
Kosovo XK
Kyrgyzstan KG
Latvia LV
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Marshall Islands MH
Moldova MD
Romania RO
Russian Federation (the) RU
Serbia RS
Switzerland CH
Tajikistan TJ
Turkmenistan TM
Ukraine UA
United Kingdom GB
Uzbekistan UZ
Virgin Islands, British VG

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