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253400WVY97MTMFC0U22 TRANSFERRED 249, 28 Oktovriou, Lophitis Business Centre, Flat/Office 4, Limassol, CY-02, CY, 3035 HE 208674 Details
253400YWD51KTYCPC890 TRANSFERRED 70, Michail Georgiou Street, Athienou, CY-03, CY, 7600 HE 177299 Details
2534007A9G9A1L9QLW50 TRANSFERRED Arch. Makariou III, FORTUNA COURT, Block B, Floor 2, Limassol, CY-02, CY, 3105 HE136143 Details
253400H7X368NPS5WN70 TRANSFERRED P.O. Box 3321, Road Town, Road Town, VG, 3321 597332 Details
253400EXS7583L3EEH24 TRANSFERRED Voreiou Ipeirou, Synoikismos Kolossiou, Limassol, CY-02, CY, 4636 HE 301626 Details
253400A1XJ4SGGRHQ505 TRANSFERRED 2, Nikis & Kastoros, Nicosia, CY-01, CY, 1087 HE 309661 Details
2534002YYAL4LXG6CY41 TRANSFERRED 2, Nikis & Kastoros, Nicosia, CY-01, CY, 1087 HE 309640 Details
253400HNQTU00D9XVP07 TRANSFERRED 284, . III, , 2- , , CY-02, CY, 3105 HE 169976 Details
2534007U0924EJYUJ322 TRANSFERRED Arch. Makariou III, 284, FORTUNA COURT, BLOCK B, 2nd floor, Limassol, CY-02, CY, 3105 HE 209207 Details
253400CK0E1TR1K71Y33 TRANSFERRED 19 Waterfront Drive, P.O.Box 3540, TOTALSERVE TRUST COMPANY LIMITED, Road Town, VG, VG1110 1805479 Details
2534000PHLD27VN98Y03 TRANSFERRED 188, Vatsi Avenue, Budapest, HU, 1138 11417 Details
253400TG3W7MLFGHL696 TRANSFERRED 15A, Bld. 1, Seleznevskaya Street, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 127473 1037739447350 Details
253400HYQQDWMEBWCW75 TRANSFERRED 224, Arch. Makariou III, ACHILLEOS BUILD, Flat/Office 42 (B), Limassol, CY-02, CY, 3030 HE52175 Details
253400HLEDZQD3PQUK29 TRANSFERRED 6A, Bld. 2, Krivorozhskaya Street, Room 366, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 117638 1147746116462 Details
KXR3XGBYJIDK7XYBRF48 TRANSFERRED 21, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 125047 1057711007023 Details
253400AASL3B7044WC03 TRANSFERRED 141-1, Zhukovka Village, Zhukovka Village, RU-MOS, RU, 143082 1075024006144 Details
2534007R7UQ2TUZL5C44 TRANSFERRED 256, Archiepiskopou Makariou III, EFTHAPATON COURT, UNIT B, 4th floor, Limassol, CY-02, CY, 3105 HE 297820 Details
2534005A84927EKSR789 TRANSFERRED 19, Kr. Valdemara Str., Riga, LV-RIX, LV, LV1010 40003043232 Details
253400MWL1GZ0BN1HX63 TRANSFERRED 50, Sechevykh Strel'tsov Street, Kiev, UA-30, UA, 04053 14360506 Details
253400T81AJDHXQ47M67 TRANSFERRED 5, Mesolongiou, Nicosia, CY-01, CY, 1100 HE 307685 Details

* Russian residents shall indicate a Principal State Registration Number/Non-Russian residents shall indicate a unique national (business) code assigned by the national companies registry or other competent authority responsible for registration of legal entities in accordance with the personal law of the Client.

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