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On the opening API access to the LEI database for automatic information retrieval

Ref. 11-11/6819 dated 10 October 2017

Attn: NSD’s clients

As part of the development of services provided as a local operational unit for the assignment and maintenance of LEI codes, as well as for the disclosure of relevant information, NSD implemented the "IOLITE WEB-service", which provides an interface for accessing data for all NSD-serviced LEI codes.

The functionality allows clients to setup their software for automatic download of real-time reference information about organizations by their LEI codes through the API (Application Programming Interface). The data transmitted through the IOLITE Web service includes information about LEI codes and their owners and is compliant with CDF 2.1 (Common Data File 2.1) format, approved by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).

The service is currently free.

The detailed procedure for obtaining information about organizations using LEI codes via IOLITE WEB service, including connecting to the IOLITE WEB-service, is described in the Guidelines, which can be accessed on NSD’s official website in the section "Software".

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