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LEI 253400UUF26V4XUF1084 Initial Registration Date 2015-06-23
Registration Status ISSUED Next Renewal Date 2022-05-06
Validation Source FULLY_CORROBORATED Last Update Date 2021-07-22
Managing LOU NSD LEI Managing LOU 253400M18U5TB02TW421

Business Registry Identifier* 1027700042413 Legal Jurisdiction RU
Entity Status ACTIVE Legal Form Nepublichnoye aktsionernoye obshchestvo
Entity Expiration Date Legal Form ISO Code JZBN
LEI of Successor Entity

Associated Entity
Associated Entity Name Associated Entity Name Language
Associated Entity LEI


[+] Direct Parent Information

The direct parent company does not have a LEI-code

[+] Ultimate Parent Information

The ultimate parent company does not have a LEI-code

* Russian residents shall indicate a Principal State Registration Number/Non-Russian residents shall indicate a unique national (business) code assigned by the national companies’ registry or other competent authority responsible for registration of legal entities in accordance with the personal law of the Client.

** English name or transliteration of the name in case of absence of English name.

*** Address of the Headquarter of the Client, including that outside the country of the Client's registration or postal address in the absence of the Headquarter.