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LEI 253400GTA5PKPW4J0X50 Initial Registration Date 2015-03-02
Registration Status LAPSED Next Renewal Date 2018-01-19
Validation Source FULLY_CORROBORATED Last Update Date 2022-03-23
Managing LOU NSD LEI Managing LOU 253400M18U5TB02TW421

Business Registry Identifier1 1027739028536 Legal Jurisdiction RU
Entity Status ACTIVE Legal Form Aktsionernoye obshchestvo
Entity Creation Date 1998-09-14 Legal Form ISO Code R71T
Entity Expiration Date

[+] Successor Entity

[+] Associated Entity
Associated Entity Name Associated Entity Name Language
Associated Entity LEI


[+] Direct Parent Information

[+] Ultimate Parent Information

1 Russian residents shall indicate a Principal State Registration Number/Non-Russian residents shall indicate a unique national (business) code assigned by the national companies’ registry or other competent authority responsible for registration of legal entities in accordance with the personal law of the Client

3 Names are provided only for Successor Entities that do not have LEI codes

4 Address of the Headquarter of the Client, including that outside the country of the Client's registration or postal address in the absence of the Headquarter