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253400635FGT2J6TBE85 ISSUED 17/24, Chelyuskintsev st, Murmansk, RU-MUR, RU, 183038 1025100003917 Details
253400D21X3QA62HQN53 LAPSED 5, Bld.1, Dobroslobodskaya Street, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 105066 1027739031572 Details
25340053P0VMFJC1GC15 LAPSED 5, bld. 15, Nizhny Susalny Lane, Floor 4, room/room 1/5, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 105064 1227700203048 Details
253400BEVESMWQRXBQ11 ISSUED 64, Liter A, Malookhtinskiy Avenue, Saint-Petersburg, RU-SPE, RU, 195112 1027800000140 Details
253400ACXFJS4LBSAF71 TRANSFERRED Kensington Chambers, 46-50 Kensington Place, PO Box 437, 1st Floor, St. Helier, JE, JE40ZE 94569 Details
253400VWDGA1977ZTQ68 TRANSFERRED 12, Kennedy, KENNEDY BUSINESS CENTRE, 2nd floor, Nicosia, CY-01, CY, 1087 HE 193010 Details
253400WMV1LDNKA3P870 ISSUED 32, Bld. 1, Bol'shaya Semenovskaya Street, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 107023 1107711000022 Details
253400DMAZG26746H408 ISSUED 10, Presnenskaya Embankment, Bld. C, 17th Floor, Place 17.124, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 123112 5137746074395 Details
253400DDXRL535CQ5T91 ISSUED 14, Bolshaya Morskaya str., Litera A, room 33-N, Saint Petersburg, RU-SPE, RU, 191186 1207800176836 Details
253400E66QH7F01AGQ96 ISSUED 13, Bld. 42, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya Street, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 123022 1027739453390 Details
2534002VBT5F8MZ80Q32 ISSUED 4a, Litera A, Mikhaylovskiy Lane, Room 1-N,2-N, Office 157, Saint Petersburg, RU-SPE, RU, 198095 1027804176883 Details
549300O0QTA2S6I86079 ISSUED 2, Bld. 2, Paveletskaya Square, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 115054 1027739139075 Details
25340038P8SYW80B9W34 LAPSED 29, Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk, BY-HM, BY, 220004 100010078 Details
253400KKNZ5H8HTNJ694 ISSUED 4, Bld. 1, Stroiteley Boulevard, 1st Floor, mezzanine, Section G, Room XXXVII, Krasnogorsk, RU-MOS, RU, 143401 1167847466742 Details
253400UNQKY58F990D55 ISSUED 7A, Bld. 2, Novatorov Street, Room 24, Attic Floor, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 119421 1057746780959 Details
253400KMRF2HSNE00T31 LAPSED 7, 2nd Kozhevnicheskiy Lane, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 115114 1027739045124 Details
2534006BRL22ER2L6895 ISSUED Industrial Site of Public Company "Dorogobuzh", Dorogobuzh, RU-SMO, RU, 215753 1026700535773 Details
253400JFB0DD08U9KJ68 ISSUED 83, Kuznechnaya Street, Yekaterinburg, RU-SVE, RU, 620133 1026600001361 Details
253400CPW7XG4K9C1429 RETIRED 18, Staropimenovskiy Lane, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 125009 1107746408087 Details
25490047F3WUZOI0UJ63 ISSUED 34, Bol'shaya Cheremushkinskaya Street, Office 200.1, Moscow, RU-MOW, RU, 117218 1187746444500 Details

* Russian residents shall indicate a Principal State Registration Number/Non-Russian residents shall indicate a unique national (business) code assigned by the national companies’ registry or other competent authority responsible for registration of legal entities in accordance with the personal law of the Client.

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